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{Review} Caroselli's Christmas Baby by Michelle Celmer


Caroselli's Christmas Baby by Michelle Celmer
Publication Date: Oct 30, 2012
Publisher: Harlequin
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My Rating:
Three and a Half Stars

She wants a baby. He needs an heir. It seems like the perfect arrangement…until they decide to conceive the old-fashioned way.Having a baby with his best friend is the means to an end for Nick Caroselli. In his quest to receive a ten-million-dollar inheritance, he'll also be giving Theresa Phillips the one thing she really wants…a child. Once the baby's born and the money's in the bank, they can divorce, share custody and go back to being buddies. But their best-laid plans are about to take a sharp turn under the mistletoe, as things really heat up this Christmas.  (SOURCE)

A series that follows a family is one of my favorite things to read. I enjoy getting to know characters and then being able to go along once they've had their 'happy ending' in a book. The reader can catch up with the couples in past books and see their relationship evolve. Caroselli's Christmas Baby is part of The Caroselli Inheritance. Which I assume (hope) will be a series.

Nick is an interesting guy. His family is in the chocolate business and his grandfather wants nothing more than to see him married with a family. They are a meddling group of people and the family needs male heirs. Only thing is, Nick doesn't really have interest in tying the knot or having children. When his grandfather makes a deal with him he can't refuse, Nick begins to reconsider his life.

Then his best friend of twenty years mentions she wants to have a baby and Nick figures, two birds one stone. They can marry, and produce an heir then get divorced. Nick gets what he wants, Terri gets what she desires. It's a win win situation. Except once the ball is rolling, their physical chemistry is fairly intense and Nick isn't sure he wants to let her go after their deal is complete.

Terri is torn between what she wants and what she thinks is best for her. She lost those she loved most early in her life. If she allows herself to get too close to Nick, she may get her heart broken again.

Something changes Terri's mind and she realizes she needs Nick in her life, that maybe they can make things work. When Nick realizes he's in love with her and it's possible Terri feels the same way, he confesses his feelings. She panics and they argue and separate. Time apart gives them some perspective on what they really want the rest of their lives to be.

They both want forever. Not just a temporary, for money relationship.

I enjoyed both Nick and Terri's characters, as well as the secondary ones too. My only "complaint" is that I wish it had been longer, maybe more detailed here and there, but most Christmas novels are usually short and sweet anyway. Caroselli was definitely light and sweet. A fun, holiday read.

These are only my personal observations and thoughts regarding this book. I received this book via NetGalley. This did not sway my review. If you have questions please feel free to contact me.


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