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{Review} Indivisible by Jessica McQuinn


Indivisible by Jessica McQuinn
Published Date: Jan 25, 2011
Publisher: Omnific Publishing

My Rating:
Three Stars

Synopsis: Charlie and Gideon Cooper's story begins where most romance stories end: at the happily ever after. Gideon's protective nature makes Charlie feel safe and happy in her new life as the wife of a Navy SEAL—until her happily comes crashing down around her. And though she’s surrounded by loving family and friends, instead of pulling together in the wake of Charlie’s ordeal, their secrets and wrong perceptions threaten to break them all apart. The experience will test the bond they share and determine whether Charlie and Gideon are truly Indivisible.(SOURCE)

It's no secret I'm a huge fan of military boys. I especially love my SEALs. I had Indivisible on my TBR list for a while and was in the mood for something different after I'd finished my previous read. I really had to let it all soak in after I finished reading Indivisible and I'm still not certain how I feel. I liked it. But I didn't love it. Mostly because of my own issues.

Charlie and Gideon meet and marry quickly, which always seems to happen in books that appeal to me. Love (or lust?) at first sight, and all of that. Gideon is sexy and masculine and just plain delicious in all his SEALness. Charlie, I liked, to a certain extent. The thing that bugged me about her was that she didn't ask what exactly being a SEAL entailed. She seemed surprised when Gideon had to leave for a long mission. Even getting angry when she realized the times he'd left in the past, he wasn't just doing training. Granted, he should have been more upfront with what he was doing. Gideon was definitely overprotective.

After Gideon leaves with his team Charlie has friends and family to lean on but she often wallows in her anger and grief. She struggles with Gideon being gone and doesn't reach out to anyone, not even the other wives of her husbands team members. I'd have loved to see her befriend them since that's usually a huge part of a spouse being deployed.

While he's away Gideon's brother is suppose to be looking in on Charlie for him. One day, as he approaches their apartment, he makes some wrong assumptions about Charlie when he sees someone leaving. The shit hits the fan, so to speak. He becomes angry, over reacts in his need to protect his brother and takes it out on everyone. In reality, what he thought he saw was something Charlie had no control over. I don't want to spoil what happened but I felt like that portion of the story was just 'too much' and over the top.

Shortly before Gideon is scheduled to return home Charlie gives him great news but he becomes distant. She has no idea why. There's no way of her knowing Gideon's believes a horrible lie about her. Once he returns things go from bad to worse until it all comes out. The family is thrown into a tail spin but Gideon and Charlie manage to struggle through the heartache and come out on the other side. They even help other members of Gideon's team that are effected by what took place while they were out of the country.

Overall, I enjoyed the characters, especially Gideon's family, but the one series of events put a bad taste in my mouth. I was sad that I couldn't look past that part. But really, I have issues reading about anything like that, even though it's realistic.

I do look forward to reading something else by Jessica McQuinn.

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