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{Book Review} Down for the Count (Dare Me #1) by Christine Bell

Down for the Count (Dare Me #1) by Christine Bell
Publication Date: Oct 1, 2012
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
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Four Stars

Truth or dare…
When Lacey Garrity finds her groom in flagrante delicto in the reception hall closet with her bridesmaid, she's saved by her best friend’s older brother—childhood tormentor, crush, and boxing bad boy Galen Thomas. Galen’s solution is both exciting and dangerous. What better way to forget the mess of her life than go on her honeymoon with a hot guy who can’t promise anything beyond today?
…or TKO?
Galen had been counting on Lacey's wedding to put her out of reach—and out of his mind—once and for all, but their steamy Puerto Rican escape is testing all his boundaries. Now that Lacey’s embracing her inner bad girl, Galen is tempted to throw in the towel and claim her for himself. But with the biggest fight of his career on the line and an important business merger threatening to derail Lacey’s resolve, their romance might be down for the count before it even begins. (SOURCE)


I absolutely adored this book! It was short and sweet and I didn't want to put it down. I also didn't want it to end.

I'm such a lover of the "I'm in love with my best friend/brothers best friend/best friends brother" kind of story. I can't even tell you how much it makes me swoon! It's always been one of my favorite tropes.

The reader is dropped right into Lacey's wedding and her finding her new husband with someone else. Oh he's such a jerk! Cheating on her the day of their wedding and making her feel like it's all her fault. Lacey's families company is depending on her marriage to this man working but it's the last thing she wants now that she knows who he really is.

Lacey is devastated and Galen comes to her rescue without hesitation. There's has been a relationship full of childhood teasing and unrequited feelings. She'd always had a crush on Galen but had done everything she could to hide it. She knew he wasn't interested in her; not like that. He barely tolerated her for years. Seeing her as his little sisters annoying friend.

But when Galen whisks Lacey away from the wedding venue, helping her avoid friends and family, she sees a different side of him. He's always been sexy, a little cocky too, but this new sweetness she's seeing in him is huge.

They spend a drunken night talking and getting to know one another better. Galen seeing another part of Lacey, the girl he'd always tried to keep out of his mind. When he makes a joke about them going on Lacey's honeymoon, she jumps at the chance. They wake up the next morning in Puerto Rico with massive hangovers.

Galen begins to help Lacey to see that she's not the woman she thought she was. The one that her husband cheated on because he wasn't satisfied with her. The boxer woos her and makes her realize that she's sexy and desirable. This adventure is making Galen crazy though because he wants so much more from her.

With Lacey trying to dodge calls from her mother and Galen worrying about where his career will go, the two do their best to take advantage of the honeymoon resort. But things go awry [of course!!!] and words get twisted, causing our lovers to part rather painfully. Galen was hard headed, Lacey was stubborn...and I was flailing and just wanting to step into the book and make them kiss.

Sexy, sandy moments on the beach, in a pool, and in their bungalow make a girl fan herself. The heat between them is off the charts. Down for the Count is fluffy, funny, and flat out fantastic. I can't say enough how much I swooned over this adorable story.

This review is based on a book I purchased with my own money. The flails and squees are my real thoughts. If you have questions please feel free to contact me.


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