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{Review} His Very Own Girl by Carrie Lofty


His Very Own Girl by Carrie Lofty
Publication Date: Sept 4, 2012
Publisher: Pocket Star
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My Rating:
Three and a Half Stars

Synopsis: After the War took the lives of Lulu Davies’s parents and her fiancĂ©, she promised herself she would guard her heart carefully and concentrate on her great love—flying the biggest and best airplanes in the sky. Lulu is a pilot in the British civilian air force, ferrying planes around Great Britain and keeping her eye on a coveted spot in a training program for world-class pilots. She’s perfectly content to strive for greatness in the skies, and dance with a few GIs on the way.

Brawny, quiet American medic Joe Weber signed up with the paratroopers to escape his checkered past; he’s hoping that jumping out of planes and patching up soldiers will earn him respect and a hopeful future. Joe’s first real test of medical skill is on a pilot whose plane takes a hard landing in a training field; after rushing to the crash scene, he is stunned to come face-to-face with a gorgeous Rita Hayworth lookalike. And when the two cross paths at a dance hall a couple weeks later, he can’t resist the urge to find out more about this spirited, dark-haired beauty.

Their flirtation breaks all of Lulu’s rules, but dance by dance, week by week, walk by walk, she finds herself falling in love with this honest, vulnerable man on the run from his demons. But as Lulu and Joe’s undeniable attraction gains momentum, World War II steadily intensifies toward D-Day. The lovers only have one night together before Joe is transported to France for the Battle of the Bulge, where his skills and his instinct for survival will be pushed to their limits. Lulu distracts herself with flight school and the friendships of her colleagues, but she can’t get the handsome medic out of her head. Only time and hope will tell if her love will return unharmed from War, and if the two will be able to overcome their pasts to form a beautiful life together in peace-time. (SOURCE)


Llllllllloved it.


OK ok I'm kidding. Well. Mostly, I'm kidding.

His Very Own Girl is the first WWII book I've read. Now that I think about it, I don't think I ever read a WWI plotted book either. I'm usually a Victorian or Edwardian era romance reader. I'd never really thought about that before now.

Anyway, it was really fun to see this different world that was so craftily created. Probably one of my favorite parts about the entire book was how detailed it was. I could so easily visualize the scenes and the characters.   The flight scenes were fantastic and easy to understand for someone that knows nothing about the technical side of flying. Carrie Lofty did an amazing job with that. It kept my engaged and interested.

The chemistry between Lulu and Joe was easily felt as well. It made me happy that I could feel their desire and intrigue for one another. Lulu's thoughts on keeping men at a distance were easy for me to identify with, even without having been in her particular situation. She was an incredibly strong character, doing history changing things.

Joe, oh Joe. Such a good guy. Gentlemanly, honorable and protective with a touch of uncertainty. He had a rough past that he sometimes seemed to be unable to overcome. I wanted to hug him when he would get into a down in the dumps mood. He was so afraid that his past would turn people away once they learned of it. I did want to shake him at times but even his faults were endearing.

I really loved the differences in Lulu and Joe's personalities but in the things that were important, they seemed to mesh well. There story is really lovely. It's perfect for anyone looking for something a bit different, with strong female characters and dashing men.

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