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{Review} SEALed with a Kiss (SEALed #1) by Mary-Margret Daughtridge

SEALed with a Kiss (SEALed #1) by Mary-Margret Daughtridge
Published Date: Apr 1, 2008
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
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 My Rating:
Three and a Half Stars

Every hero needs help sometimes...

He can handle just about anything, except this...

Jax Graham is a member of an elite military team, but when it comes to taking care of his four-year-old son after his ex-wife dies, he's completely clueless.

One person can help him, if he'll let her...

Family therapist Pickett Sessoms knows just how to help a rough, tough Navy SEAL deal with a scared and lonely little boy, but not if he insists on going it alone.

When Jax and his young son, Tyler, get trapped by a hurricane, Pickett takes them in against her better judgment. Jax figures Pickett's high maintenance, just like all the women he knows, and she figures he's not commitment material. But when an outing turns deadly, Pickett discovers what it means to be a SEAL, and Jax discovers that even a hero needs help sometimes.(SOURCE)

I have always been a sucker for a military romance novel. I don't remember a time when I haven't loved those men in uniform that put their lives and loves on the line for our country. One of the first romance authors I ever read was Suzanne Brockmann. With her help I gave my heart to Navy SEALS. When I'd read almost everything Brockmann I could get my hands on I started looking for alternative authors that write SEALs. I was pretty thrilled to discover Mary-Margret Daughtridge and her series. There's nothing better than a series, in my opinion, because I find it hard to let beloved characters go after just one book.

In SEALed with a Kiss, Jax is struggling to raise a son he barely knows. He uses the help of his ex-wife's mother and rarely sees Tyler. As a SEAL he spends most of this time away from home, on missions and doesn't see himself leaving the job he loves. When forced to take a vacation with the toddler Jax realizes his son sees him as a stranger and decides maybe he can get to know him a little better. During a visit to the beach they meet Pickett, a local, who immediately opens her arms to Jax's son.

There are serious sparks between Pickett and Jax but she's leery of him, even though she wants to help him out. During a hurricane Jax decides his son is safest with him, not his ex-mother-in-law who tries to insist on taking Tyler to flee with her. Pickett takes Jax and Tyler in, probably against her better judgement. The three begin to grow close, making Jax question what he wants. A family, or his career, which he thinks he can't keep if he has a family. Pickett and Tyler do their best to prove him wrong.

Tyler just tugged at my heart so much. His loneliness just jumped off the page so much that I wanted to cuddle him. I thought Pickett was an excellent female character, with just the right amount of sympathy, tenderness and strength. Especially when it came to dealing with Jax and his hot headed stubbornness. Jax's thought processes were believable and understandable. I wanted to fight for him, and Tyler. With Pickett thrown in the mix, they made a great trio that I wanted to see them last. I was very happy with the turn out of SEALed and can't wait to read the next books.

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