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{Review} No Choice But Seduction (Malory Family #9) by Johanna Lindsey


No Choice But Seduction (Malory Family #9) by Johanna Lindsey
Published Date: June 17, 2008
Publisher: Gallery Books
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My Rating:
Three Stars

When Sir Anthony Malory's young daughter is abducted from London's Hyde Park, her kidnapper mistakenly sends the ransom note to the home of Sir Anthony's brother, James. With James and his wife, Georgina, in the Caribbean, the demands are received by their houseguest -- Georgina's youngest brother, Boyd Anderson. Searching for the girl with Anthony, the notoriously hot-headed American sea captain fully intends to make the foolhardy villain pay. But he hardly expects to find exquisite Katey Tyler, recently a passenger on his ship, at the center of the plot

Little does Katey realize that in having caught the attention of Boyd Anderson -- and in meeting up with the Malorys -- she's about to experience more excitement than the typical young lady encounters on a grand tour, and her life will never be dull again. A multitude of surprises await Katey, from the startling truth about her mother's early life to the lengths a man will go to win the affections of a lady who has every reason to despise him -- but who can't resist the seductive, impassioned love he has to offer her. (SOURCE)

I've been reading The Malory Family series since a co-worker and fellow avid reader recommended them to me years ago. We often share books and she once outed me in staff meeting - about reading romance novels. A few weeks ago while she was on a marketing business trip she picked up two Malory books neither of us knew had been released. After she finished she passed them on to me and I gobbled them up because I love Anthony and the gang.

In No Choice But Seduction we meet Katey Tyler, who is traveling the world after the death of her beloved mother. Her hope is to meet relatives in England. She meets Boyd Anderson, brother to one of the Malory's wife, who is the captain of the ship she's sailing on. 

Instantly Boyd is attracted to Katey but he realizes she's married, with children, and makes every effort to steer clear of her throughout the rest of the journey. His actions confuse Katey but just made me shake my head at how silly the man was being by assuming all sorts of things. Boyd's crewmen are a hoot and I probably enjoyed them just as much as the major characters.

After the ship docks Boyd decides to stay at his sister and brother-in-law, James' house until they return from a quick trip. Meanwhile, Anthony Malory's daughter is kidnapped in Hyde Park and a ransom letter is sent to the wrong Malory house. It's a easy enough mistake considering all of the Malory's live on the same street and they often receive the wrong mail. 

Boyd jumps at the opportunity to help Anthony find the girl but he doesn't expect Katey to be there, right in the middle of the chaos. Immediately these two go at it. Arguing and insinuations and tension abound. I love that type of story, I'll be honest, the arguing brought on by sexual tension is always fun to read.

As time passes Katey slowly reveals things about her past, her mothers origin and how they ended up in America, where she grew up. The Malory's take her under their wing, even with Boyd's dislike of Katey, and offer to help her find her family. She goes to them and they turn her away, breaking her heart and making her realize she should continue her trip.

Katey and Boyd set out when she hires his ship to take her to her next destination. Once Anthony makes a discovery about Katey's parentage she is even more a part of the family. He sets out after Boyd's ship, determined to track them down. Of course James Malory, has to tag along so he can give Anthony a hard time. Those two are a highlight of the entire book. I feel like at this point, they are the reason I have any interest in continuing these books. There's only so many new, unknown family members that this family can have, after all! Well, one would think. But they keep popping up.

Boyd sets Katey up and they end up on a 'deserted island' together. Katey allows herself to give in to her attraction to him and things get hot while they are there. She honestly has no idea that just around the bend is Boyd's ship, which will show up to pick them up soon. Once 'rescued' Katey is furious over what happened. Anthony's ship catches up to them and she transfers to it with no interest in ever seeing Boyd again. Boyd's reasoning behind tricking her is stupid but his thought processes make sense. He was just trying to get her to see they could make things work - even if it meant her losing her virginity to him and being forced to marry. Why he didn't just tell her how he felt is beyond me. Men are wacky sometimes.

Katey learns why Anthony came after her and she spends the journey back to the Malory's moping around, missing Boyd. But she won't admit why to anyone, not even herself. One of the things I liked about Katey's character is her hard headed, strong personality. She isn't a push over and stands up for herself. The downside is, Katey is hard headed haha it takes a while for her to be convinced that she should maybe give Boyd a chance. That even though he made a mistake, he deserves to be forgiven.

After making it back to dry land Katey is reunited with her grandmother, her mothers mother, who she'd never met. Even with her happiness over meeting blood family, she is still confused about Boyd. Eventually, and surprisingly, Anthony manages to talk Katey into giving Boyd a chance, which she does.

At times I felt like although Katey's attraction to Boyd was obvious, her feelings for him weren't always as clear. I had my ups and downs with this one but I enjoyed revisiting old friends. Overall I enjoyed it for what it was but I feel like the earlier Malory books are much better, probably because they were about the core of the family. For someone that has read the other books in the series, this one is worth checking out but I wasn't wowed by it.


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