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{Review} Sinful Surrender (The Elusive Lords # 1) by Beverley Kendall


Sinful Surrender (The Elusive Lords #1) by Beverley Kendall
Published Date: Jan 1, 2010 
Publisher: Kensington Publishing 
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My rating:
Four Stars

Synopsis: Millicent "Missy" Armstrong is entering her third London Season, but not for lack of suitors. Since her debut three years ago, Missy has received twenty marriage proposals. But she is interested in only one man--her brother's best friend, James Rutherford. As a child, Missy looked up to James. As a grown up, her admiration has blossomed into the longings of a beautiful, sensuous woman--and she won't rest until James admits his love--and desire--for her. . .

James Rutherford rues the day he let his physical weaknesses get the better of him by kissing Missy. His best friend has made it clear that Missy is off limits, and though he's avoided her for three years, he hasn't forgotten the feel of her soft lips pressed against his--and it seems neither has she. For no matter how much James tries to discourage Missy, he keeps winding up in her arms, sharing heated caresses that promise the most delirious pleasure. . . (SOURCE)

After reading A Taste of Desire by Beverley Kendall and enjoying it so much I wanted to read more. I discovered that she's writing what appears to be a series. I couldn't wait to make a trip to the book store so I ordered it on my Kindle and spent a day reading.

I don't know what else to say other than it did not disappoint. I wish I'd realized this was the first book before reading A Taste of Desire but it didn't take away from my enjoyment in the least.

That aside, I have to say, I'm always a sucker for this kind of story - unrequited love and being in love with a siblings friend gets to me every time. And that's exactly what this one was.

Missy Armstrong has been in love with James Rutherford since she was a teenager. James is the best friend of Missy's brother and they were once close as well. As she got older and fell in love with James he began to pull away from her. She's head strong so that only made her try to 'catch' him even more. There's no way you can read this and not root for Missy.

James is stubborn as well and digs his heels in, even when it looks like maybe the connection he feels with her isn't 'just' a physical attraction. He's a rake with a well known reputation but that doesn't bother Missy in the least.

Of COURSE her brother wants her to fall in love with someone else and thinks that she will eventually. Silly brother ;)

There are some twists and turns that really added to the story but in the end, the part I loved was seeing both Missy and James grow. Great book! I hope to see more from the Elusive Lords!


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