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{Book Review} Once Upon a Tartan (MacGregors #2) by Grace Burrowes

Once Upon a Tartan (MacGregors #2)
by Grace Burrowes
Published August 6th 2013 by Sourcebooks Casablanca

Tiberius Flynn may be every inch an English lord, but smart, headstrong beauty Hester Daniels has no use for his high-handed ways--no matter how handsome, charming, or beguiling he is. They only see eye to eye in caring about the feisty little girl who is under their protection.
Tiberius's haughty insistence that his wealthy estate in England is a better place for the child than her beloved, rundown Scotland home sparks Hester's fierce protectiveness, and the battle lines are drawn.

5 Stars

** spoiler alert ** I didn't love this as much as I'd hoped. It was slow in parts and I got bored or confused. I enjoyed the characters but I felt like some of the plot was unnecessary. I spent a good bit of time wondering about a few certain aspects of the story and how they were believable. I felt like Fiona's parents being unreachable the entire book, and that the family couldn't stop Tye from doing his fathers bidding was a little less believable. 

As I said, I did enjoy the characters, Tiberius was intriguing, Hester was caring, Fiona was precocious, Aunt was hilarious ...but I wasn't fully engaged with the emotions. I didn't feel the chemistry between Hester and Tiberius the way I'd have liked. I felt like I was waiting on the story to begin through the entire book. It never picked up for me, sadly.


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