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{Book Review} Mr. 365 by Ruth Clampett

18752425Mr. 365 by Ruth Clampett

Publication date: Nov 19, 2013 Publisher: Clampett Studio Collections
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When reality show producer Sophia is assigned to convince Christmas fanatic Will to be on their holiday special, she imagines him to be an oddball momma’s boy wearing a reindeer Christmas sweater. What she doesn’t expect is the handsome, mysterious man who captures her attention, and seems determined to win her heart. Their attraction is undeniable, and as charming Sophia convinces Will to work with her, she slowly unwraps the secrets in his past that make this determined and soulful man still yearn for the childhood he never had. When the chaos of production starts, will Sophia be able to keep her promises to protect Will from being exploited, or will the bitter truth of reality television be a runaway train of disaster for both of them? Join Sophia, Will and his dog Romeo to enter the world of his enchanting holiday house where stars shine indoors and snow is always falling…365 days of the year. (SOURCE)

Four Stars
Contemporary, Adult, Romance
Warnings: Detailed sex scenes

The thing about Mr. 365 that caught my attention was the premise. It was different than anything I've read or heard about. I found myself intrigued and bumped Will's story up on my list of things to read. I'm writing this review long after I read the book and my heart still goes out to him and what he went through.

It's not often I say I wasn't wild about the female lead in a book but there were times Sophia rubbed me wrong. She was incredibly sweet, but I almost felt like she was manipulating Will at times. It wasn't even that I thought she was doing it on purpose because I don't think she was. That aside, I loved the writing and the characters had many redeeming qualities.

When Sophia and Will first meet sparks fly immediately. The only thing is, she's not suppose to get involved with her subjects. It's obvious though, that it'll be impossible for the two to stay away from one another. The description of Will's house really pulls the reader into the story. Once it becomes obvious why he is so into Christmas, it gives Will's character a lot more dimension. At first, everyone assumes he's just a little crazy to be into the holiday year round but it's clearly not true. Sadly, he often gets taken advantage of because of this.

Sophia's dream is to be a producer of documentaries. A reality tv show is just a stepping stone to her goal. Little does Sophia know, not everyone she works with has the same thoughts as she. The project she's shooting is a little different than what she's expecting. Will trusts Sophia, which is hard for him given his past so she's determined to make their time together a success. Things get sticky though, especially with them becoming involved.

Their friendship grows, as does their love for one another. Hearts and trust get broken when things get a little bit twisted. I found myself feeling more sympathy for Will than Sophia. I sort of felt like she should have realized something weird was going on, though that may seem silly. I blamed Sophia a good bit for what happened between the pair. BUT I enjoyed the story, so I guess it's not always a bad thing when a character does things that don't make sense to you. Ruth has a great way with words and I can't wait to read more of her stories.


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