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{Review} Seven Nights in a Rogue's Bed by Anna Campbell

Seven Nights in a Rogue's Bed by Anna Cambell
Publication Date: Sept 25 2012
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
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My Rating:
Four Stars

Desperate to save her sister's life, Sidonie Forsythe has agreed to submit herself to a terrible fate: Beyond the foreboding walls of Castle Craven, a notorious, hideously scarred scoundrel will take her virtue over the course of seven sinful nights. Yet instead of a monster, she encounters a man like no other. And during this week, she comes to care for Jonas Merrick in ways that defy all logic—even as a dark secret she carries threatens them both.
...Spark a lifetime of passionate surrender?
Ruthless loner Jonas knows exactly who he is. Should he forget, even for a moment, the curse he bears, a mere glance in the mirror serves as an agonizing reminder. So when the lovely Sidonie turns up on his doorstep, her seduction is an even more delicious prospect than he originally planned. But the hardened outcast is soon moved by her innocent beauty, sharp wit, and surprising courage. Now as dangerous enemies gather at the gate to destroy them, can their new, fragile love survive? (SOURCE)


I'm currently making an effort to read more of my netgalley books and since I've been in the mood for some historical romance lately, I chose Seven Nights to dig in to. I can't say how glad I was that I did finally read it. SNiaRB hit every single sweet spot I have. Loner, misunderstood guy that is afraid of contact with others because of a tragic past. Virginal lady that is being handed over to the wolves to save her family. Ding ding ding.

The setting of Seven is gothic and intriguing. From the first sentence in chapter one I was curious about what was taking place. Sidonie arrives in the middle of a storm, having agreed to take her sisters place and spend a week with a man that she's been led to believe she should fear. She is such a strong character though. I don't know that I could turn myself over to someone just to protect my sisters secret! But Roberta's secret isn't the only one Sodonie carries. She also has one of her own, and it involves Jonas. Bum bum bum.

When we first meet Jonas he is a hard, cold man that lurks in the shadows. It's obvious he has reason for these things, making him even more intriguing. As I got to know him, I realized that all of Jonas' life he's been incredibly mistreated for a few silly reasons. Society has shunned him and it's made Jonas very bitter; rightfully so in my opinion.

Sodonie slowly brings out a different side of Jonas in the short amount of time they spend together. They also share a great amount of sexual tension, another personal favorite. One of the other things I really enjoyed about this novel is that they don't jump into bed immediately, despite the books title. Jonas doesn't try to force her or pressure Sodonie into anything. He's patient, even though it's obvious he wants her in his bed.

Their time together is delicious and somewhat bittersweet, with knowing she can't stay there. Sodonie and Jonas both begin to have feelings for one another but neither admits to it.

After Sodonie returns home and Jonas finds out she was withholding information that could change his life, he is completely torn apart. The revelation puts a large rift in any future relationship they might have had. It's completely heartbreaking. Jonas shuts down and refuses to talk to Sodonie. But she's determine to make him see that she wasn't trying to hurt him, but protect her sister.

It is completely gut wrenching how torn apart Jonas is. He wants Sodonie, to create a family with her and to finally be happy, but he is so very broken and doesn't think he can trust her. Thankfully, her determination to make him see that she was doing the right thing does pull through evenutally. I was really worried that I wasn't going to get my happily ever after and it was down to the wire. I kept watching my kindle percentage tick on and finally at the last minute, everything was worked out for the best.

Seven Nights was sexy, heart tugging, and sweet. This is the first in a series and I can not wait for the next installment!

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