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{Review} Faythe Reclaimed (Hanaford Park #3) by Lisa Sanchez

Faythe Reclaimed (Hanaford Park #3) by Lisa Sanchez
Publication Date: May 15, 2012
Publisher: Omnific Publishing
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My Rating: 
Four and a half Stars

Summary: Running through a strange forest with a bloodthirsty demon hot on her heels wasn't Taylor's idea of a rockin' evening. Then again, neither was soaring backward through time and space. Time travel chafed and left a rank, nasty aftertaste.

So, when she finds herself floundering amidst a sea of Commandment-loving holy rollers who fling accusations of witchcraft and bedevilment like hotcakes in a diner, finding her way home jumps to the top of her to do list. Too bad she can't remember who she is or where she came from. And if that wasn't bad enough, Taylor has to fall for the mysterious Latin warlock living on the edge of Salem Village and who comes to her rescue, Gabriel Castillo. Battling an identity crisis and lost in a time that's not her own, Taylor is determined to find her way back to twenty-first century Hanaford Park.

But first, she and Gabriel must work together to uncover the dark scourge lurking in Salem's shadows, and in doing so, save their own lives, and the lives of countless innocents from a lethal date with the hangman's noose. (SOURCE)
YOU GUISE. I wish I had magical words that could wax poetic about how much I enjoyed this book. Since I don't I'll just ramble.

Faythe Reclaimed is the third in the Hanaford Park series...trilogy?, the first two of which I really loved too. Ms. Lisa Sanchez has such a lovely way with words! Faythe took a bit of a different turn than the first two books. I loved the time travel aspect of this one. I've always been so fascinated by the Salem witch trials. So many unanswered questions. It was cool to dive into such an interesting time period.

In this book Ms. Sanchez weaves her own story so well, using what we know as a background to these characters. It's so easy to believe that it could be how things went down back then. It gave the trials a breath of fresh air and makes for a delightful story.

The chemistry between Gabriel and Taylor is off the charts. I haven't felt it jump off the page so quickly in a long time. I'd began to wonder if I'd lost my love for romance novels or just reading in general. So glad to be proved wrong by Faythe Reclaimed.

Taylor's journey through a time and place she was so unfamiliar with was enchanting. She is such a strong character. I can't imagine how I'd have reacted to being unexpectedly transported through time. Though she did stumble, making her a perfectly flawed human, she picked herself back up and continued on.

It was the same with Gabriel. He had such a rough past that I just wanted to see him happy and content with someone. I enjoyed seeing him from a past and present aspect. Learning about how he became the person he did. Such a fascinating and delicious character. He's the perfect counterpart to Taylor.

Soooo to say that I enjoyed this book would be an understatement. I definitely encourage everyone to check out the series itself. Lovely characters and great writing. You can't go wrong with that combo!

These are my personal observations and thoughts regarding this book. I received this book for consideration via the author. If you have questions please feel free to contact me.


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